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Main reasons to choose exclusive German PRIVATE Health Insurance
tariff tailord to Pilots with home base in Germany:

According to Par. 257, articles 2 and 2a ([German] Social Security Code Fifth Book) an employer contribution to premiums of GERMAN health Insurance is mandatory. This does NOT apply to any other foreign health Insurance plans. In 2021 the employer contribution shall be 50% up to EUR 458.35 at most PER MONTH.

Features of the policy at a glance

  • » European main residence accepted
  • » Sick pay allowance in case of unfitness to fly
  • » Immediate world wide medical and dental coverage
  • » Guaranteed no-claim-refund
  • » Premium reduction guaranteed by German Government
  • » Deductibles may be agreed
  • » Modular tariff system allows high individual flexibility
  • » Free choice of doctors, dentists and hospitals world wide
  • » Emergency care and return transportation
  • » No medical or dental examination required for application

By submitting your request you declare the following:

  • » I have read and I accept the disclaimer of Pilot Health Insurance
  • » I agree to be contacted via email or phone solely regarding my request
  • » I will NOT be charged any fees at any time
  • » Neither my request nor any proposal by Pilot Health Insurance shall be binding
  • » My request has been made in earnest

* Definition: Agreed salary including taxes and fees and potentially additional fix wages. Varying bonus payments shall not be applicable.